Media that Sparks Change

Video and Photography – Eugene, Oregon


Technology, especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence is going to rapidly disrupt our economy in the next two to five years. Self driving cars will render taxi drivers, truckers, pizza delivery drivers as too costly to hire.

Millions of people that rely on driving for work will have to transition to new careers. Artificial Intelligence can do manual labor jobs well, but it will be a long time before machines can match the creative artistic abilities of the human mind.

Currently, we live in a technology revolution. Soon, we’ll be living in an artistic revolution where many of the well paid jobs will be in the arts. To get ready for this inevitable change in our economy, I teach at the high school level, preparing our young adults for future careers in filmmaking.

I teach high school students at the amazing Academy of Arts and Academics in Springfield, OR. It is a charter project based learning school that emphasizes growth in the arts.

In my classes, students learn about cinematography, technical features of a DSLR camera, and video editing. They practice working in groups, presenting their work to an audience, and creative problem solving.

I also offer private lessons and workshops for adults. A private lesson is $25/hr. If you need help understanding how to use your DSLR camera better, we can go out to shoot and learn while doing.

If you would like a series of lessons on video editing, I offer workshops at $100 held on four Saturdays throughout a month.

The rise of the robots isn’t going to stop, so why not explore a new career path in the arts of filmmaking or photography. I’d love to show you what’s possible.