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Video and Photography – Eugene, Oregon

Production Process

Production process

I love collaborating with others and work to include you in the production process from start to finish. EDCRO is a proven production process that improves efficiency and communication. EDCRO stands for Explore, Design, Create, Refine, and Own.

Explore – After making initial contact we’ll meet up so we can talk about your video in more detail. I’ll ask what your goals are, who you audience is, what you want them to do after watching your video. This helps explore solutions you are trying to solve with your video.

Design – Writing audio/visual scripts and storyboards help plan what the video will look and sound like. Based on feedback from you this process can take a week or more.

Create – We schedule time to film and edit the video, which can take on average a month.

Refine – I’ll send you early video drafts and based on your feedback will make improvements.

Own – Once you are happy with the video work, and payment is exchanged, the video is released for the world to experience. Videos can be uploaded to any social media channels, embedded into your website, or given to you on a computer flash drive.