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Behind the Scenes Video Production – Jessie Knapp

Posted by on Jun 18, 2015

Behind the Scenes Video Production – Jessie Knapp

I wanted to give a quick look Behind the Scenes (BTS) on a video production I just finished. My client was a dream to work with and I’m very thankful!

Jessie Knapp is applying for a position at Galileo Camps to be their Director of Learning & Development. She’s got the experience and passion Galileo Camps is looking for, and they wanted to get to know her better. They asked her to produce a video for them, so she reached out to me for help in producing the video. We had very little time, but I work fast and decided to take on the project.

We scheduled to do filming the following day while revising her script that night and early the following morning.

She printed out very large sheets of paper with the script on it, which I held up with my hands. The camera was set on a tripod and didn’t need my hands on it. The paper I held was nearly as tall as I was and at one point the wind blew it against my body. I didn’t need to hold it, prompting Jessie to joke, “You wear my script well!” I couldn’t help but laugh!

My video camera is a Panasonic GH4 that is capable of recording video at double the size of current standard video resolution (4K vs. 2K). It allowed me to film scenes of her with a wide angle view to get both her and the forest scenery in the background. In the editing I was able to zoom in closer on Jessie without losing image quality. One benefit is that it looks like I filmed with two different cameras, but I only took time to setup with one camera.

Full 4K video frame.

Full 4K video frame.

Zoomed in to close up 4K video frame.

Zoomed in to close up 4K video frame.

Using professional quality audio will make her stand out from the rest of the candidates who likely won’t have access to that. I plugged my professional microphone directly into my camera so that I didn’t have to spend time syncing a separate audio recording to the video. That significantly saved time in editing.

After we finished about an hour of filming, we discussed possible music options. Lastly, she gave me pictures and I scanned them at the home studio to put into the video.

At the end of the video, you’ll see her adorable dog, Alfredo. He was so kind I couldn’t resist playing with him before leaving.

Thankfully during the editing process Jessie was very easy to work with and responsive. After seeing the final results, Jessie wrote to me, “BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO!” Later she wrote, “Thank you again so much for your prompt response and execution of this video.”

This project has been a dream because Jessie was fast responding to my questions, the project was short-term, low stress, she promptly paid deposit and final invoice, she was super easy to work with, passionate about her work, and she let me play with her cute dog!

If you have a short term project in need of photography or video, and cute pets, give me a call!