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Hanna & Nate’s Wedding Engagement Photos

Posted by on Jul 25, 2014

Hanna & Nate’s Wedding Engagement Photos

Earlier this month I took some wedding engagement photos with Hanna and Nate at the 5th Street Market in Eugene, OR.

This was my first engagement session shoot and I wanted to be prepared. I suggested to Hanna that we use Pinterest to share photos to get ideas of what we want to do for the shoot.

hanna nate pinterest board for wedding engagement photos

I tried setting up a private board on my business Pinterest board, but we had issues with Pinterest thinking Hanna needed to sign up for an account, which she didn’t need to. We settled on her creating a public board on her profile.

Using Pinterest was an awesome tool. I got to see exactly what Hanna liked from other photographers, and we had short discussions through the comments below the photos. Before we did the shoot, I knew what she was going to wear, and the poses she wanted.

I also knew what the lighting would be like. I love natural lighting and Eugene, OR has some of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen. I used’s Sunset Calculator and got the time I needed, 8:52pm. I scheduled the shoot from 7 to 9pm so that we could use the golden sunset lighting towards the end of the shoot.

Hanna and Nate were awesome to work with. I printed out most of the Pinterest photos and used that as a guide. After we all introduced ourselves at 5th Street Market, we went inside and started shooting at the fountain.

wedding engagement photos - hanna and nate in july 2014 at 5th street market in eugene, oregon, by sparkplug creations

Hanna and Nate were very comfortable with each other and gave me lots of poses they came up with on their own. Often I would look at the photos to see what I wanted to do next, and then I’d see Hanna and Nate doing something photo worthy and I would shout, “Wait! Don’t move!”


It was a blast and I can’t wait to do more wedding engagement photos. If you haven’t seen the full gallery, get going!