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Character Makes My Job Easier

Posted by on May 10, 2014

Character Makes My Job Easier

Ever check out a business and no matter how great the product or service is, it just seems to be lacking something, and you quickly lose interest? I think it might be character. When I film a commercial, I look for the character of the space and the people because it makes my job in producing the commercial much easier.

I called a few past clients today do some market research. I’m always looking for opportunities to give my clients better solutions to their pain by using corporate videos.

Last year I produced a commercial for Bob’s Wiener Stand, as a subcontractor with FOX KLSR-TV. When I spoke with Jeremy the owner, he had really nice things to say, “I didn’t expect a tenth of what we got in business. With your commercial, it put us on the map, hands down!”

He also let me know that people are finding the commercial both on TV and on the web. They’ll do a Google search for Bob’s Wiener Stand and find the video on the first page of search results.

I tried this and noticed that if you type “bobs wiener stand eugene” the video will rank as the third result on the first page. That’s fantastic! The video currently has 230+ views. He has customers that even this week came in and told him they saw the commercial and had to visit.

I am thrilled that my work in writing the script, filming, and editing helped Bob’s Wiener Stand. They made my job easy because their location is full of character. See for yourself in the video:

Here’s an overview of my thought process in the production.

Scripting – I wanted to take people back to a simple time. I was feeling nostalgic for simpler times and less stress. This is the essence of creative expression, having something you try to communicate, and make others feel. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I took a chance with the script and the owner loved it.

Filming – When I arrived, I saw the character of the place and people shine through. All I had to do was press record!

Editing – Using the script and video I shot, I decided to use music that reminded people of the classic TV show, I Dream of Jeannie. At first the owner didn’t like it, but it grew on him. I’m glad it did, because it’s a unique piece of music for a commercial, grabbing attention and sparking the nostalgic emotions I wanted.

The color grading was carefully done to further remind people of simple times. Not only are the colors simple (shades of black and white), but we often associate the early days of B&W film as times when society was less complex and economic systems weren’t so complicated.

Question – Do you know of any businesses in the Eugene/Springfield area that are full of character? Is their location uniquely designed to create a great exterior and interior atmosphere? Are the employees dressed in a way that helps transport customers to another place or time?

I’d love to collaborate with businesses with character to produce a highly creative, and effective commercial that can be seen on TV and the web. With a business that has character, and my creative video production skills, I’m sure I can produce something for them that can get customers through the door.

Feel free to send me leads or better yet, help make a direct introduction if you know a manager or owner for such a business.


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