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Bring It To Them

Posted by on May 18, 2014

Bring It To Them

If you have a business, you know it’s a challenge to keep your target audience engaged and caring about what you do. I’m going to feature what one hockey tournament is doing and why it works so well. Then I’ll let you know how you can take advantage of video to engage your audience.

International Ice Hockey Federation
As a huge hockey fan I am watching the International Ice Hockey Federation World Championships. Their YouTube channel has a new series of videos called, “You Are Here” and they have two videos filmed in the first person perspective.

In the first video below, you are in the hallway with the Belarus hockey team and walk with them out to the rink and watch the players skate onto the ice.

The other puts you in the role of a referee. You start out inside the referee locker room and then walk with the referee’s to the rink and watch the others skate out onto the ice.

This is really cool because of the atmosphere. Inside the hallway and referee locker room, there is a sense that something is about to happen, a calm before the storm. Then there’s the long walk, a few turns, and BAM, it hits you. You have entered a large stadium full of cheering fans. It feels epic and exciting.

You Are Here – Walk To The Ice With Belarus

You Are Here – Referees

This next video goes behind the scenes to how you where jerseys are altered for players. Each country has a portion of their national anthem on the inside. I laughed out loud when the host Paul Romanuk joked that the long anthem on the Danish jersey is why they take so long to dress for the game! That kind of personality and humor from the video host is a lot of fun for viewers to watch.

You are here – Hidden Jersey Messages

I love the concept. It reminds me of my first person hockey videos, one of which is a 5 minute music video, the other is of a full ICHL league game.

Being in Eugene, OR, I’m lucky we have the Eugene Generals and Oregon Ducks ice hockey teams. I’d love to do a similar video for them in their upcoming seasons. What would really be epic is doing a video like this for the Oregon Ducks football and basketball teams. Give fans a perspective they rarely, if ever have. Walking through the tunnel out onto Autzen Stadium and hearing the roar of the crowd would really get the viewer’s adrenaline pumping.

Share Your Uniqueness
The IIHF “You Are Here” videos are a great example of how to give something special to your viewers that will keep them engaged. They are a world class unique tournament that features some of the best hockey players in the world. They have something unique to offer and are using video content to share it with their audience. With your business, you have something unique to offer as well.

If your business isn’t sports related, you can still use the same ideas above to engage your audience and attract business. Think about all of the interesting activities you do behind the scenes that your audience rarely gets to see.

Are you in construction? Share all the work that goes into planning for your jobs.
Are you a marketing firm? Introduce your team of creative and fun personalities.
Do you deliver craft beer to stores and restaurants? You can show how deliveries are made and the relationships that are formed with customers.

Did this article spark video content ideas for your business? Or do you do some of the above already for your business? Share in the comments below!