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Can Video Help Word of Mouth Marketing?

Posted by on Mar 4, 2014

While reading “What Clients Love” by Harry Beckwith, he stated that word-of-mouth marketing doesn’t work anymore because people don’t stay in one area for very long to develop close connections that are needed in order for us to tell others about our experiences with a business. Even when we are close with others, we’re jaded and focused on other things.

This weekend I saw first hand how word of mouth is still very powerful. I recently purchased a COLT hockey stick. It’s unique in that the lower half of it is coated in nanotechnology nickle-alloy metal. It’s nearly unbreakable, and for hockey players that is a huge selling point because sticks are expensive and break often.

At the rink this last weekend I had several people who recognized the hockey stick and wanted to hold it in their hands. Word of mouth is no longer about raving about a product or service, it’s having a hands on experience with something great or unique. The people that held the stick remarked at how light it was despite the metal coating.

Videos which can be shared can be a form of word-of-mouth marketing, especially on social media platforms. If you have a product, service, or location you love and there’s a video that captures the feelings you have for it, you are likely to share it with others. If COLT had a video I liked about their stick’s unique selling points, I would share it on social media and say, “This stick rocks, check it out!” That is the new form of word-of-mouth marketing. Many of my friends would see my endorsement of the COLT stick and the video giving them more information about it.

If you have a business, what kind of video do you think your biggest fans/clients would share with others about your product or service?