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About – Video Services

Sparkplug Creations produces media to spark catalytic change within people to improve themselves, and the world around them.

We do this by producing videos for documentaries, businesses, and individuals. Our services include:

  • Video production (planning, coordinating, scheduling, script writing, rapid prototyping)
  • Videography/cinematography (filming)
  • Video editing (creating the video file(s) to be seen)
  • Distribution (online, DVD, TV)
  • YouTube Analytics

What We Do

  • Special Events – Weddings and invitations, music performances, ribbon cutting/grand openings, and sports.
  • Business – Commercials, meet the team profiles, employee motivation, and training/new hire orientation.
  • Film/TV – Documentary, narratives, reality TV shows.

To see our wide range of work, you can view videos for commercials, weddings, documentary, ice hockey, and music.


  • Proven experience producing commercials for TV and web
  • High Definition quality video is accessible via your website, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Access to YouTube Analytics data to understand your viewers
  • Professional quality service and video production equipment

When you work with Sparkplug Creations you are working with a company that has a proven track record of producing engaging and empowering video content since 2010. The first videos we created for our own documentary, WANTED: Crohn’s End have helped raise over $17,000 for production funds.

We have resources for actors, equipment, and studio space. We are highly organized, using project management software for every project, and we have a proven system for producing videos that is efficient.

Having worked in the video games industry, Reid Kimball gained the experience and listening skills needed to communicate and solve problems with clients. He understands it is often a negotiation between he and the client to meet each others needs. Reid knows his clients value his open, honest, and proactive communication because it saves time and money.


Download our pricing for commercials, or weddings.

Projects that do not need a service package start at $60 per hour for businesses and $50 per hour for individuals.


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